SketchUp V-ray problem with Edges Texture

Hi evereone,
I have a problem with V-Ray texture Edges. I am doing everything like in video Round Corners of cource " V-Ray for Interiors", but my texture has this strange color and image in sketchUp.
Everything is good in V-Ray, the texture is blue, but the texture in SketchUp has changed.

Does anybody know whow to fix it?

Here are the settings for Edges texture in V-Ray

Learn about Binding - Generic Binding and Override Control - V-Ray for SketchUp - Global Site

Thank you so much!
I’ve just started to learn V-Ray, so there is nothing understandable for me in Binding, but I hope I will understand it later)

YouTube search - ‘binding V-Ray SketchUp’

thanks a lot, but there is smths works another way for me. I have an Auto Binding Texture Mode, but the texture is replacing just after I set Bump Mode to Edges. Changing of Binding Texture Mode is not helping

Can you upload you SketchUp file here?

Change the texture mode to “bake”

also toggle the color binding back and forth too