V-Ray Generic Material in Layout

Hi All,

does anyone know how to set V-Ray Generic Material to show actual texture image when pasting the scene from Sketch Up to Layout in Shaded and Textured style?
Do not want the texture to be pink squared as it is on the screenshot:


Does that V-Ray Generic Material have a texture (Bitmap) in the Diffuse Color slot or in Binding?
If not, you can add one.

@mihai.s It does have in both Diffuse Color and Binding :confused:

Does the texture look right in SketchUp and only in Layout does the other texture (pink squared) appear?

@mihai.s in SK it looks also like on the screen shot below, it shows two generic materials this way, as for the rest materials those are fine:

And are you sure you have a Bitmap texture (jpg, png) in both slots, Diffuse Color and Binding (Custom mode)?


@mihai.s I had to change the material entirely. Initially there was no bitmap in Diffuse. As for the second material - I had to switch to custom mode.
Thanks for the gif you’ve shared!