V-Ray demo version installed but does not render


Hi there,

Im using sketchup Pro 2018 on Mac and just dowloaded the V-ray demo version to try to render my model. When I try to render, so I opened the frame buffer to see the first render but it doesn’t do anything

Also on the V-Ray Asset Editor, I have a red square showing on the Render(tea pot) button, but I have seen on the video on youtube that there should be a small hand ikon.

What does this mean and why it doesn’t work? Help! :slight_smile: Thank you

On the V-Ray asset editor, when I try to roldown the Render button it doesn’t let me to choose anything.

Try restarting SketchUp. Also try posting to ChaosGroup’s forum as it may be a problem they can diagnose quicker.
Also try:

  • Material override - to see if there’s a bad material path causing problems
  • Render interactive and static - to see if either can render anything
  • Try uninstalling and re-installing VRAY as could could be an issue with network license installer, etc.