Uv maps are missing when importing sketchup files using blender sketchup importer addon

To import a SketchUp model from Blender, use the ‘Sketchup Importer Addon’ to load the modeling, and the UV map disappears as follows. The texture comes out, but only the UVs are gone. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please help. The SketchUp version is 2022 Pro, and the Blender version is 3.1.2.

Which importer do you use, which version?


SketchUp file created in SU2022 but saved as 2020 version.
Blender 3.1.2

hello. Sketchup version is 2022 Pro, Blender version 3.1.2, Sketchup Importer version is 0.23.0.

I asked you which importer you use because there are several options.

Both are version 0.23.

Did you try to save the skp file in the 2020 version and import it?

I used this version and tried all of sketchup 17-22 but failed. However, it was solved by using the old version with Importer 0.22.2 and Sketchup 2020 with Blender 2.9 version. Hope it helps someone. Thanks for your help mihai.s.

Try this : Importer
I have used this one in SU 2022, no down saving.