Uv mapping when editing

Hi, I am trying to hide the lines around a leaf component. It’s not my component. It is downloaded from the warehouse.

When I eventually work through the groups and double click to edit the component leaf, the position of the texture changes and completely screws up. Is there a way to stop this and why does it happen in the first place??? I have attached the model. It is small for once.

I am using SU2021 as SU2022 bugs have stopped me doing any work in the new release and the bug fixes seem to be very very slow in coming.

rhodedendron-LARGE-FORM2.skp (632.9 KB)

Thanks all.

Smile things could be a lot worse!

Just Checked and it is exactly the same in 2022 version


That model aboslutely crushes my workstation :smiley:

There are 50658 of these stamen in the model… 4mm in size, round corners. ouch.

Mine too. more than 40 million edges. The more than 30 000 leaves have 150 entities each. The nesting makes for a small file size but doesn’t help performance at all. It is unusable.

Thanks Guys. I haven’t had an issue with it albeit the model is running a little slow.

I’ll do some editing to make it more useable.

Any ideas on the mapping issue?

To the groups and components from which the plant model is made need to be applied Scale Definition and Reset Skew, then you can edit them without changing the texture as soon as you open them.


But as you saw in the previous gif, you can hide all the edges without affecting the texture.

Thank you. I need to look up what both of these functions do.