Undo lines that are hidden with shift+eraser tool?

Trying to find some answers - but I have imported components which are done with (I assume) lines that has been hidden with shift+eraser tool - anyhow my problem is that the components are not visible in all styles. Please see difference between the two pictures where the b/w is hidden line 1. I would like to present the model in a “sketchy look” and without any colors. I just thought I need to fix how the lines are done in the outdoor jaccuzzi and the potted trees - but maybe I am on the wrong track?

Without looking at the actual model, the best we can do it guess, but it looks like the trees you inserted either have softened edges or images for the leaves. Softened edges can be in softened, but images will not work with a sketchy style. Can you share the amp rather than just images?

Thank you for taking the time to try to help me out! I get an error trying to upload the model. but it is these two components…
Kruka med högre träd.skp (1.4 MB)
Utomhusbad.skp (627.9 KB)

They have multiple 2D images for sections of branch and leaves.

They are behaving the way SU is designed
In a Monochrome style:

Shaded (without textures)


You’ll either have to use a style in which the trees show as you wish them to, or find another format of tree that will display in the style you want to use.

OK - thank you - but what about the jaccuzzi?! “utomhusbad”

You are correct that the issue with the jaccuzzi is its use of soft edges. Soft edges do not show unless you activate View->Hidden Geometry (and then they show as dashed). This is masked in a Shaded or Shaded with Textures view because the materials painted on faces are visible, but is noticeable in monochrome or hidden line because even those front edges don’t show. Also, without shading, the limits of curved surfaces don’t show unless you turn on profiles in the style (with shading they still don’t show, but the shading makes this hard to detect).

IMHO, soft edges have been used inappropriately in that object. For example, the bottom, the lower base, the main parts of the sides, the top rim of the sides, and the upper surface are all bordered by soft edges despite being borders of logically separate planes and being painted with different materials to create the visual impression they are separate.

You can remove the soft attribute from edges by selecting them and unchecking the box in Entity Info. In some cases it may be fussy to select more than one edge without also getting others you wanted to leave soft, but it can be done. ThomThom’s Selection Toys extension can help because it has an option to select only soft edges.

Here’s a revision with soft taken off where I considered it inappropriate.

Utomhusbad.skp (695.6 KB)

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Try a style with Profiles on. Maybe that will give enough of the Jacuzzi outline.

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Oh super thank you so much! not only did I get answer to how to fix/unsoften edges - but you have also fixed the jaccuzzi for me. :slight_smile: