Texture image messed up



those leafs model is right on a file, but when I copy to the other file it becomes all messed up. How to fix it?

We need more info. Upload the file in question so we can open it and examine what has happened. How did you “copy” the texture to another file?

I copied the model

trilho proxy.skp (2.9 MB)

and in this file is the model is not messed up.

Do you think that maybe its because of the scale disparity? in this video I paste the model in the file

I’m just looking at your two files now. Certainly somthing you have done in the transformation process has upset the UV mapping of that texture. But it is such a very heavy poly model (4 million edges) and with deeply nested construction that it is tricky to pinpoint the operation that failed. Almost every element here has been scaled and skewed. Still working on pulling it apart… Did you use any extensions to transform? Like shape bender or fredoscale?

Something that happened in your process has broken the UV mapping on the leaf element which is a multifaceted curved surface. There have been so many scales and skews applied to the groups and components it’a all a bit of a mess in there. I tried a few tricks to reset scale definitions and played with the texture in an attempt to re establish the UV mapping which were unsuccessful. Ultimately, I was able to restore the UV mapping to the leaves by saving out one of the correctly mapped leaves from your original file as a separate correctly scaled component, then I reloaded the leaf component in your updated model from the saved component. Here you go:

trilho proxy FIXED.skp (3.0 MB)

Thank you but it still messed up when I try to copy or import into the file that it needs to be

I used copy along path. I bet this ruined everything. Because I was editing a cristal now that had been copied in with the extension and when I do the scale its not a uniform scale, its skew like the plants
take a look

original and scale