Problem with these leaf textures

I clicked in this Ivy leaf component and it accidentally messed up with the image…as seen in the video below…and now even ctrl Z cannot make them as they were before. Why this happens? How to avoid?

Every leaf has a different axis, but I am not sure what it looked like before you did anything.
You can always delete that component, purge your model, and refind it in the 3D warehouse.
The newly inserted component will be as it was originally.

Another question is that I want to change the position of a texture of this floor but I cant find the option to do it in the menu

I would assume you have the texture applied to the group - and not the face itself.
If you click on that face, what does the texture thumbnail show you in Entity Info?
If it looks like this image, then you need to apply the texture to the face - not the group

I applied another texture to the face and it remains the same error

A wise man once said, “Share a model, find an answer. Share only questions, find only more questions…”

The best way to get help with these issues is to share your model.


textura a.skp (3.7 MB)

I removed the texture from your group - then found that your faces were not oriented correctly.
You had the texture applied to the bottom side of the face.
Right-click - reverse faces, and reapplied the texture.
textura Fixed.skp (4.0 MB)

So as in your previous models, incorrect face orientation comes back to haunt you again.

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The reason you didn’t see the texture options is because your surface was made up from a number of faces that had hidden edges between them. If you had shown hidden geometry, then clicked somewhere, that would have selected the one face, instead of the whole surface. Erasing those hidden edges would make the whole surface become one face.

Thank you Kyle!

Ah I saw those hidden edges as well - seems like it was several issues!

So I cant modify the texture while edges are hidden?

You can - it’s just your surface has multiple issues. So with upside-down faces, and hidden lines, it’s leading to more issues.