Trees and Plants have ugly dark outlines after placing and scaling them! how to get rid of?

Hello to all and any of you tree gurus out there!
I’m struggling with tree and plant components.
Once I have placed a tree or plant and used the scale tool to scale to the
required scale in my model it continues to flick between this ugly object with very thick dark outline and how it should look, but when I go to unselect it the ugly dark outline remains, horrible! and not how I would want to present my designs to my clients! I spoke to Dan Rathburn previously and he said my machine is basically too old (Lenovo Thinkpad X201)4GB RAM ?? Any pointers please? Also he suggested I post one of the tree components to you for viewing? how do I do this? thanks in advance, cheers M

There’s an upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons across the reply window. Click it. It should be self-explanatory from there.

This was solved by the user switching off profiles in the model edge style settings.

switch off profiles and edges in view

Thanks already did weeks ago, if you read the other posts you will see this
had already been solved by myself. Thanks