Using SUp 'Offline'?

So what’s the deal with this? I’m at a customers house yesterday, I go to open SUp, and I can’t because I’m offline? How do I manage this? Use my phone as a wifi hotspot?

I don’t understand, not being able to use my SUp. Is there another way, a workaround? Maybe have a free version installed, or a viewer?

Probably the quickest solution. SketchUp wants to “call home” once every 28 days. On other days it should work without an Internet connection.

I still don’t understand this. That morning I was using SUp at home on my desktop, why couldn’t I use it on my laptop at the job site? Do I need to Sign In on my laptop also?

Yes you do, assuming you are using 2022 or 2023 (maybe even 2021).
No idea what’s going on if you are using 2015 like your profile shows.

Sign in on your laptop while you have internet access. After that you should be able to use SketchUp offline for 28 days before it requires an internet connection again.

OK I get it now, yeah I’ll change profile as I use 2022 now.

thanks fellas!