Using skp model layers in layout

I am trying to use the model layers in my layout documents is that possible?

Layers in SketchUp and Layers in LayOut are different critters. They are used differently in the two programs. You can create layers in LO with the same names as those in SketchUp but they are not going to be connected.

You could use scenes.
If the content of each scene is just one SU-layer, you can achieve your objectives.
In LO you open the SU file, turn to the desired scene (with the desired SU-layer) and put it on a LO-layer.

Yes. Of course one could do that. It doesn’t directly tie the layers in SU to those in LO but it might be a usable method.

It is very handy if you have to show multiple versions of something in (above) the same background.

I ended up making 1 layer per scene and copying the model separately in each layer but it would be nice if in the model window of layout I could turn layers on and off. I would also like to hide object in the model and have them stay hidden in layout is that possible. I had to erase section of the model to view it in layout.

It sounds like you just aren’t using SketchUp asnd LayOut correctly. Use layers in SketchUp to show or hide component/groups. Create scenes in SketchUp to show what you want to show with layers turned on or off as appropriately. Then in LayOut, make viewports for the scenes in your SketchUp file. No need to hide or erase anything in LayOut.

I did that but some times I don’t want to turn off a whole layer or make a new layer to hide a component or group I just want to hide it and save the scene.

Correctly depends on goals

OK. That’s doing it the hard way and prone to creating problems. Good luck, then.

Correctly means using it the way it was designed to be used. Not goals.

ok I understand what you mean by correctly. Thanks for the info.

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