Using scenes on the sketchup web (free version)

I have a question, which is - when using scenes on the free sketch up version, it seems to not save the tag (layer) information, on the pro version (which I used to have) it seems to do that quite easily - this is really frustrating if you are trying to build and create PDFs of models with multiple views of different layers. It seems to save it on the thumbnail images of the scene, but when you click on them all the data gets lost and it goes to what ever you last saved - despite trying to update each scene individually. Can someone please help ?

It works fine for me. Are you sure you have the boxes all ticked for Properties to Save?

Similar problem for a SU-pro user but same solution as @DaveR mentioned above:

Thanks very much - DaveR you were right, now fixed. Wow its remakable how much slower the free version is, really cant cope with much information - but getting there now

I think the stretcher between the front legs should be moved up in order. Not sure how you insert the tenons in to the mortises once the side rails are connected to the front and back legs?

Don’t get too hung up on the assembly order. The GIF was to show using tags with scenes.

I’m busy building a cabinet right now and assembly order has been on my mind.

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