Using Move Tool and I get a bug splat

I get a Bug Splat crash almost every time i use the move tool. Please help

Are you sending Bug Splat reports in with something identifiable? Does this happen in every SketchUp file, even if it’s something like just a rectangle and you try to move it?

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator?

I have sent in several reports. It happens when I am using move tool on a
component, about 60% of the time. Yes I feel I have installed it correctly
and have used for over a year before this started happening.

Feeling that you have installed it correctly and actually installing it correctly can be vastly different things. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure that it is installed correctly. Find the installer or download it fresh. Right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator. Choose the Repair option when it presents itself.

Have you installed any Windows updates lately? What about GPU drivers? Have you updated them recently?

My graphics card is slightly smaller than the minimum required just curios
why all of the sudden it is throwing a fit. Everything else has been

It’s very possible you’re exceeding the graphics card’s capability in those cases where it crashes. Make sure SketchUp is installed correctly, check for GPU driver updates and install them and see what happens. Since your card doesn’t meet the requirements, maybe it’s time to get a new card. Don’t waste your money on a Quadro card, though.

I’m running a Lenovo S20 with a Nividia Quadro FX 1800. Is there a card
you would recommend?

Have a search of the forum. You’ll find the GeForce 10xxx cards get good recommendations. Maybe 1070, or so. The general consensus is that the Quadro cards don’t provide any benefits over the GeForce cards for SketchUp but they do reduce the weight in your wallet.

Quadro FX 1800 is an old card with 768 MB of graphics memory but the one I have works without problems. Have you updated the Quadro drivers lately?

When I checked this morning it, the drivers were up to date. It has worked
fine for me the last year of using Sketchup.

Well, clearly something has changed if you’ve just started getting Bug Splats. SketchUp didn’t change but Microsoft could have made updates automatically that could cause problems. Thy have a history of doing that. Make sure SketchUp is actually using the nVidia card and for the third time, make sure SketchUp is installed correctly by using Run as administrator after right clicking on the installer.

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