Frequent BugSplats

I have been using Sketchup make for a few years and consider myself to be competent in it’s use. The problem I have been having seems to have gotten worse, but I can’t say if it is related to the upgrade to Sketchup 2016 or Windows 10 or any of the numerous driver updates that have occurred over the year.
I’m designing a 3d Printer and have been experiencing an absurd amount of bugsplats. The problem usually occurs when moving an element (line, circle, group). The autosave file generated has the part that was being edited, but it is twisted or translated to “elsewhere”. My best guess it that there has been a math error of some sort. I can’t be sure, but it seems that the errors pop up when I am hesitant in committing to the move destination. The bugsplats are not restricted to the move command. I have seen them spontaneously occur.
My system is a Lenovo laptop with an I7, 16G of ram and windows 10. I have read that SketchUp has problems with the Intel HD4400 GPU, but I have seen the same behavior with and without the hardware acceleration enabled. I have the impression that the problem is less frequent since I bumped the system ram from 8G to 16G.
I have also seen this problem on my other laptop which is a Dell with an I5, 8G of ram, Windows 10 and an Intel HD 5500 GPU.
The problem doesn’t seem to be related to drawing size. I have had the same issue on small simple objects as well as on large, intricate assemblies.
What is really surprising to me is that I can have sessions where the program crashes every couple of minutes and sessions where the program doesn’t crash for hours… all with the same drawing.
I am looking for advice on how to eliminate this problem. It is getting to the point where I might be better off learning another CAD program.

Advice: Always send in every bugsplat report. The higher the number of certain splat errors, the higher they rise on the “to fix” list.

Did you enter any identifying info so your splats can be looked up in the splat database ?

I try to send every one and my email is on the form. I only sometimes add observations.
If you think that I should be adding more information, let me know.

@yogesh Can someone look up his splats please ?

@DanRathbun, I will follow up with Harvey.

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