Sketchup is crashing copying a simple line

Like I said in title, when I copy simple line Sketchup is sometimes crashing. When you gonna fix that? Since I paid for Pro license this is a shame.

I using Sketchup 2016. GTX 1070 on 64bit Windows 10.

Are you getting Bug Splats when SketchUp crashes? Are you sending them in with an identifying e-mail address so that someone on the team can look at them and see why you are getting these crashes?

(1) Be sure in the Nvidia Control Panel, that SketchUp.exe is set to use the GTX 1070 card, and not the Intel APU integrated graphics.

  • You can see what renderer SketchUp is using, (from inside SketchUp,) via:
    Window > Preferences > OpenGL
    … and click the "Details button. (Click key combo ALT+PrintScreen then come into a forum post and key combo CTRL+V to paste in an image of the Details dialog.)

(2) See if updated Nvidia release drivers for the GTX fix the issue.

(3) If not, Nvidia often post beta hotfix drivers in the Nvidia forums. You might try one of those.

(4) If still “no joy” try changing settings in the OpenGL panel.
Window > Preferences > OpenGL

  • Try switching OFF “FastFeedback” (Restart SketchUp.)
  • Try changing to another Pixel format (the list in the bottom “Capabilities” box.)

(5) Try using a 32bit SketchUp edition, rather than a 64bit edition. (Some 64bit graphics drivers have issues with OpenGL.)

(Last Resort) With either bit edition, is to switch OFF “Hardware Acceleration” in the OpenGL panel, which causes SketchUp to use Microsoft GDI software rendering.

I’ve already sent dozens of those Bug splat reports but there is no feedback.

Thank you, I’ll try and hope that some of these solutions will work.

Are you using plugins? This kind of crashing can also happen with misbehaving plugins.


The more reports for a given error, the higher it’s priority goes. Send in every one.

~ “The squeaky wheel wheel gets the grease.”

If you attached your email or a description to the Bug Splat, I’ll look. A quick cursory look for “copying” in the description returned one about copying a bunch of rings, not a line. Private message me how I can find yours.