Trail version of SketchUp keeps crashing

Today I downloaded the free trail of sketchup pro. Within this download was layout 2016, skybuilder 2016 and sketchup 2016. The first 2 work fine but Sketchup2016 keeps crashing every few minutes. “Sketchup2016 has stopped working”.

I work on a OS windows 8.1.

How can I fix this because this is aggrevating to work with. At the end of this trail I will have to consider getting a full license but I want this issues resolved first.

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if disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” fixes the issue the used graphics solution resp. the used video driver is flaky (= intel HD or AMD Radeon).

Using the 32-bit version of SU may help with this issue too, especially in connection with the AMD Radeon series.

“Use hardware acceleration” was disabled but the problem remains. Where can I find the installer for the 32-bit version?

offic. SketchUp Product Downloads

Where’d you download from originally? And please fix subject: trail != trial, you had me wondering what the Trail version of SketchUp was…

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Jonas, go into your Nvidia Control Panel, and set SketchUp.exe to use your Nvidia GTX 850M GPU.

And be sure to update both your Intel and Nvidia graphics drivers to the latest available.

this is where I downloaded it from originally:

I downloaded the 32-bit version and this appears to be working fine… thank you all for your responses