Sketchup crashes

why does this thing always ALWAYS crash…

main reasons for crashes:

1.) incompatible or faulty plugins installed
2.) incompatible graphics adapter in use

1.) disable all plugins (“Window > Preferences > Extensions…” or by moving plugins away from SU plugins folder or by disabling all plugins per Ruby console)
2.) disable display output acceleration by graphics adapter (Win: “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” / Mac OS: “SketchUp > …”)

1.) use recent plugins released for your SU version only
2.) update the graphics driver if avail and if this doesn’t help use a dedicated graphics adapter (nVidia GeForce GT(X) 960/1060 rec.)

See this topic, the gist of which is you might find installing the 32-bit version of SU solves the problem.

the slow “Intel HD” from your profile is neither made nor thought for using w/ 3D modelers but for office/internet/video/photo purposes and therefore the graphics driver delivers an unstable OpenGL support (especially x64 version) required by SketchUp.

If updating the intel HD graphics driver and using the 32-bit version of SU doesn’t help, you might disable the hardware acceleration as elaborated above.


i use the 64 bit version… i have uninstalled all plugins… i will
see if that helps

And if you crash and submit bugsplats, we can take a look and get an idea why you’re crashing. We just need to know what version, what OS, and a name or email we can search for.

it continues to Not Respond… all the time… even when i start again
i have purged it… and still the same… put windows 10 to high performance
still stall and goes to not responding
mainly when i open up the 3D warehouse

Update Internet Explorer. SU uses it for several functions. Windows users need to keep it updated and maintained.

Did you update your graphics driver?

Did you try uninstalling 64-bit SU and install the 32-bit version?

i have the lastest IE i am using the 64- bit version just uninstalling that now and installing the 32-bit version

sketchup 2016 window 10

Screenshot%20(52) window 10 sketch
up 2016