SU crashes down

sorry about my bad english.
SU crashes again and again
without no reason
sometimes with an error message, sometimes without.
i have heard that maybe the problem is the 64 bit version - even you sent to me such a message.
you recommend to do that? is the 32 bit works good? this is the sollution? when the problem will be solved??


and i sent you the error message bug splat

Yes, your crash matches the ones we’ve seen with Intel HD Graphics 5500 Integrated Card. We haven’t been able to reproduce that crash when running the 32-bit version, so run that for now, and stay tuned to the other threads that talk about Intel HD Graphics 5500 Integrated Card.

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You should read the thread at this link to get a feel for several potential solutions. I switched back to the 32 bit version and it’s all good now.

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thank you
you are working on it about four months, isnt it?..

No. This was an issue for me for only 2 days but others had identified the problem some time ago.

i know but other people are asking about that since Februar