Using Imported Images to help draw a building

Hello all. I was asked to create a Sketchup drawing of a very old church building. I was given a set of photos and a few dimensioned sketches. I thought people may enjoy to see how images can be imported into Sketchup and used to create a building drawing file and can be used to try to keep the drawn building to look like the real building. I decided to divide this into a series of 5 min videos. I have done 5 videos so far, I think the series will be many more before I am finished with the topic! The Sketchup drawing files are so large that I cannot put them on the Warehouse, so periodically I will send them to my website where you can download them if you want to work with these drawing files on your own. The videos are at the website for viewing and downloading and I also sent the videos to my YouTube channel. I put the website address below, I should note it’s a website about Robots, but I also add other non-robot topics now and then. I also should note that video Part 03 is more the introduction to Sketchup drawing, so you might want to start with that video first, then go to video Part 01, etc. Finally, I should note I don’t really go very fast in my videos, there’s some teaching, some storytelling. It’s been my experience that so frequently when one goes really fast, that people can’t quite keep up with exactly how one did what one did. Enjoy. Dr. Gray


Hello Everyone, well…my website server decided it was going to “improve everything”… net result, it went down, I had to get the webpage for this Forest Church topic back to running OK. I think the page is now properly functioning. Sorry. pg