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Hi Team,
I have just finished building a “Sam Maloof Rocker”, which I was able to purchase a set of plans for. I would now like to build a “Sam Maloof Chase Rocker” of which there are no plans available, that I can find. So I thought I would try to import a photo into SU and then trace from that. Any suggestions as to the best way to go about this? Thanks in advance for your help. TropicalGuyCns.

It’s not likely that you’ll be able to set that image up for MatchPhoto. Considering the angle from which that photo was taken, I would import the image into SketchUp as an image and stand it up in the background. Then I’d use it as a reference. I wouldn’t even try to trace it with any expectation of getting something accurate to build from.

Hi Dave,
Thanks once more for your prompt reply. I have given some thought to drawing a full size model on my work bench, using my own measurements to suit my body frame. I wondered if SU might provide some time savings for this endeavour.

Well, it might but since you have a space where you can draw it out full size, that actually might make more sense. You could do a mockup out of inexpensive stuff so you could actually get a good idea of angles and things. Then refine it either on the bench or in SketchUp.

This design is not as complex as the original Rocking Chair, I have attached a photo of the Rocking Chair that I made and you can see their is a lot more work involved, ie the spindles in the back support and the sculptured seat. I have templates already for the Rockers, so it would not be to difficult to work from the bottom up and as suggested, a mock up in cheaper materials would work.

Nice looking chair. I modeled a similar one in SketchUp years ago. It would be much easier now, though.

Is that because SU has advanced it systems?

Some of that but more to do with the availability of some extensions that weren’t available back then.

I’m not sure that I will ever get the hang of SU, but will persevere with it.

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That model seems to have a very delicate balance. Get the dimensions wrong and you might trip on your nose or fall down backwards.