Importing photos or scanned images

I’m aware that Sketchup will allow you to import floor plans to draw from.
Can I import a photo of a medical device to draw from?

Thanks in advance!


Sure, you can import an image of a medical device to work from. depending on what it is and the view you have of it, you might be able to trace it or maybe you can just stand the image up in the background for reference so you can see it. I often do that so I don’t have to change my focus.

what kind of medical device are you drawing?

Hi Dave-
I have not seen the devices yet. I have an order to render several lab testing devices.
I’m new to SketchUp. In the past I’ve relied on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
I like SketchUp because you can manipulate your rendering and change the viewing angle with ease.


Well, it’ll help to get the some basic dimensions, at least. If the photographs are suitable you might be able to use Match Photo (check out the Knowledge Base for info on that) but otherwise, as I said, you could at least put the image up in the background to use it as reference. I frequently do the latter when the image isn’t good enough for Match Photo when it isn’t worth the set up time to use that method. You can a little about that here.

Thanks Dave!
Great information. I guess this method would work just as well with, a robotic arm with cylinder shaped hydraulics.


Sure it would work. It also depends upon what you need for details.

Thanks Dave-

SketchUp is like any other software when you new and trying to learn it…frustrating.


Hi Dave-

I have a question regarding SketchUp plugins. Do you have any suggestions as to which ones are the best?


I don’t know that there’s an answer to that question. It depends upon what you need them to do. I would suggest that you first get proficient with the native tools before you start grabbing extensions/plugins. There are a few that do things you can’t do with native tools such as TIG’s Weld plugin so that would be a good one to get.

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To add to @DaveR 's comments

… in many situations, having a proficient understanding of SUs native tools and the SU environment helps you figure out not only when to use extensions but also how to use them better and more effectively in your workflow.

My $0.02 :smile:

Have fun!


Thanks Chris!
I need to get my Sketchup skill levels up pronto.
I have several challenging projects looming.

As you do build those skills, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you can’t sort out how to get something done, you can ask. Maybe there’ll be a native tool option (there often is) or it might be that there’s an extension that makes sense for that particular job.

Dave- I have a few question regarding some of the issues I’m encountering.
I will try to gather images to help describe these issues.

OK. Send a PM if you’d rather.

Thanks Dave!
I will touch base with you later today.