Importing existing drawing using alternate extension

Can anyone assist me with whether I can use a bitmap or jpeg extension to import a simple floorplan from something else I have done that was not created in a dwg or dws environment?

you don’t need an extension to import images into SU…

File >> Import >> select ‘type’ >> select ‘use as image’ >> Import…

but there may be better options if you tell us what software creates the files and it’s export options…


I’m not sure what I used years ago to generate these floorplan drawings but I can only scan them in one of the picture formats from my epson scanner/printer.

You can import the images you have into SketchUp using File>Import (use as Image) and then trace over the image using the Line and other drawing tools.

So basically you are saying you have hard copies, I think, if so, follow what John said above.
Scan the floorplans as .jpg and import to Sketchup via the File menu.
Your choice of import option will affect how you interact with the .jpg.

Once again one of my multiple personality has posted simultaneously.

yes they are hard copies of work I did years ago that I no longer have software for and am not even really sure which I used to generate so am just scanning them in from my printer/scanner/fax into a usable format.

so which would be the best import option if I just want to make simple changes to the drawing such as erasing and adding a few lines that do not require measurements etc. These are only floorplan sketches, not engineered drawings.

if scanning I would use .tif format for export and then for SU import as it is native to all scanners and OS’s…

you will then need to draw over the imported image to create useable edges and faces…


SketchUp may not be the right tool for the job in this case. You can’t manipulate the lines in your scanned drawings with SketchUp. That would better be done with an image editor. As far as Sketchup is concerned, the image would only be used as a reference over which you would draw edges. Those edges could then be manipulated. Most likely you would delete the image after you’ve finished tracing it.

thanks I can do that, tracing I mean…

A little tip to make tracing the image a bit easier. Temporarily edit the color of the edges you’re drawing to a color that makes them easy to see over the imported image. I often use red. And temporarily set Profiles to 3 or maybe 4 so the edges you draw a heavier than normal.

awesome, thank you so much.