How can I import my own images into Sketchup?


If I want to put logos or other simple images on top of buildings on a SU site plan I make, what form would those images have to take in order to be compatible?


I believe the list is .bmp, .jpg, .png, .psd, .tif, .tga, .pdf, .exp. About all that is missing is .gif!


What about scanned images? Any issues there?
Are you saying most image files are compatible then? Do you just import them?


See if this article helps you at all to learn more about importing into SketchUp.

Importing 2D Graphic Files Article here.

Full list of files you can import here.

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Any issues:
When you import an image it then needs to be calibrate and the way to do that is to measure a known line length and then use a tape tool to scale it. However, it appears 2015 does not allow that to be done if you have more than 1 image in the model. In Su8 you could cal more than 1.
When you ask about scanned images it depends on what type of scan. Flat bed scanner ok but laser scanned can have a number of different artifacts that need to be cleaned up before importing.
MeshLab is free and can be used for that


So I have scanned a bunch of little paintings and they are now pdfs. The images are in the corner of the file, the rest being dead white space.

What I want to do is place these little images (squares within each pdf containing the actual image) into a map. There doesn’t even need to be any SU involved if I can do this in Google Earth. Any ideas?


PDF was probably not a good choice of format, since it is a container document with the image you want embedded within, probably in jpg format.

SU Make does not support pdf, although if you are on a Mac, apparently Mac OS offers support for pdf files and should allow you to import a pdf. If you’re on a Windows machine, you should use either jpg or png. You can either extract the images from the pdf or preferably, I think, just rescan the images and save them to disk as jpg. These you can bring into SU through File > Import…



I am using a Mac with SU 8. I can import the pdf, but it comes with the whole white area as well. I don’t want to rescan as it’s too many images.

How can I place these images into a map?


Can you upload one?