On using images to create a 3D drawing of a Forest Church

Hello again, everyone. Happy Labor Day 2019. I finished a few more YouTube videos on using images to help create a 3D drawing of a Forest Church. You can get the YouTube links and also download my most recent skp file of this church (it’s v313.skp), the skp file is 120mb. I did add a large (43mb) rendered png image from this v313 version, you can download it also from the webpage. Enjoy!
Dr. Gray
Here’s the webpage:

Here’s a “little (5mb)” jpg version of the render. lightened%20by%20corel%2040%20samples%20colors%20improved%20from%20Sketchup%20v313%20working%20on%20not%20the%20steeple%20end%20v3_68|666x500