Heddal Stave Church - WIP

Picked up the Heddal Stave Church I started playing around with during Aaron’s stream earlier this year.

(Let’s see if this becomes yet another long churning project like the Dodge Charger…)

Originally I posted in the stream announcement thread, Modeling the Stave Church live! - #18 by thomthom

When I left it off I had adjusted the volume model to a 3D scan:

Today my internet connection went out, so I had to figure out something “offline” to do. Turns out it makes me actually do stuff. I started to flesh out some of the facade details.

This summer I had the chance of visiting this church, so I got a nice set of reference photos for all sorts of details you normally don’t see in most photos you find.

Realized I’d messed up one of the rounded roofs, so I need to correct that before I continue.


Very cool ! Look forward to seeing the progress and the final results. :+1:

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“Fancy Butt Shingles!” Now that would be an obscure but interesting plugin to develop.

Sounds very painful.

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Don’t… I’m trying very hard not to write new extensions for this! Despite manually placing thousands of shingle tiles is screaming for an extension. Must. not. write. new. extension!