Viking Fort - Created in SketchUp 2017 & Lumion 9

Here is one of my most recent projects created in SketchUp 2017 and Lumion 9. The cow skulls were created in Autodesk Maya. You can view the finalized still renders and/or the video of the model broken down from wireframe to the final results.

Viking Fort Breakdown Video


Awesome work!

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Thank you!

Great modelling and rendering, but the Vikings living in this would belong more to a fantasy novel or a Wagner opera, with horns on their helmets. Churches like this started to be built in the 1100-s, hundreds of years after the Viking age. Vikings lived in long huts with low walls and a fire burning in a pit in the middle of the floor. The resident Viking here, @thomthom, could perhaps tell more.

True that, “Long houses”. Maybe looking something like this:

The viking age is said to be ca. 790 to ca. 1066
The stave churches still standing seems to be from mid 1100 and up. Heddal church is the largest in Norway:

Not sure what the buildings looked like when the vikings moved to other places and mingled with the native population, for instance England.

Historical correctness aside, I really like the render. Great texturing and details!

I’ve been wanting to model one of the stave churches, the details of them are amazing.


Didn’t this church construction also migrate to Russia (probably combined with Byzantine influences) or is the Rus influence too early to say that?

No. The churches in the picture (from Kizhi island in Karelia) are built in conventional log construction. Stave churches use a post and infill structure. Logs used to be the standard construction method for almost everything in the northern coniferous forest area from Sweden to Siberia.

The Kerimäki Church here in Finland is said to be the largest wooden log church in the world. Built in 1847, it has room for about 5000 people.


Thanks. We have a Russian fort near us here in California, most of which has been restored later. I can’t say if the reconstructions are correct or whether the original was the same log construction.The chapel there was very simple.

Wow awesome! Did you also some interiors?

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Thank you! I didn’t create any interiors, possibly in the future!

I’m really impressed! It looks very realistic and the style is cool.

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Appreciate it!