Modeling the Stave Church live!

This Friday I will be modeling the Stave Church Live as challenged by @thomthom!


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Which stave church are you modeling?

@thomthom ?

Wait… there is more than one? Oh man… maybe I’m in trouble…

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Oh, yeah. There’s more than one. I figured it would be that one though.

There used to be one near where I grew up in southern Wisconsin. It came over from Norway as a kit. First assembled in Chicago at the 1893 Columbian Exposition.

Remember that I can give you any view of that building you might need.

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You chose the largest and most complicated. The Borgund one would be a bit simpler, and it has those cool dragon head ornaments.

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Yes, there’s quite a few.

One of the most grand and iconic ones are Heddal Stave Church (The one you posted an image of)

Search for that name for reference photos.

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Here’s a good side view (along with more around the church): Heddal Stave Church | Buildings & Monuments | Notodden | Norway

And here’s a shot from the inside:

A detail of one of the dragons: Heddal stave church, Norway - Designing Buildings Wiki

Even some plan drawings (and more detail photos): Heddal stavkirke – Store norske leksikon
(This one is a very good reference source)

I’ll see see if I can jump on the stream for a while for this one. Looking forward to it!

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The one I referred to was built in Trondheim and shipped over in pieces for assembly.

Apparently it went back to Norway and is in Orkdal according to Wikipedia.

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Wow - I wasn’t aware FedEx delivered stave churches! :rofl:

Did you have a link to the info about that church? I cannot find it.

If it was FedEx, at least they got it there on time. :wink:

Here are a couple of links that talk about it.

High up in the central section of the building there are or were two pairs of carved wooden masks that were said to be of the King and Queen of Norway. When the building was erected in Wisconsin the two kings were on one side and the queens on the other. I haven’t found pictures of that but maybe you can go visit and see if it’s still like that.

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Looked familar, I’ve searched in my old photos and found my own visit there back in 2005 :wink:
Impressive building!


If you find yourself in the “neighbourhood” another time - give me a shout.

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Maybe this can help a little.


Excited for this one! @thomthom , will you be watching?

Aye I will! :grinning:

In case it helps…

That was fun. I got some modelling done myself while watching this. Felt good to model something in 3D again. Got a zen feeling :smiley: (Though often distracted by the stream and chat. I should try to set aside some time over the weekend to do some more work on this.)

I’m going off some orthogonal drawings I found of the church. Proportions between side and front elevation fits quite well.


This morning I realised the plans I found is outdated. Missing a number of key features. And things doesn’t seem to be entirely in the correct location based on what should be current site plan.

Found that it was possible to download the model from a 3D scan. So spent some time getting that imported so I can use as reference for proportions and features. Still tweaking the size as I’ve yet to find a really good reference for that. (The 3D model wasn’t in a 1:1 scale). Usually I struggle to find good reference photos without people obstructing the view, but this time it’s the opposite - struggling to find good references of people standing right next to the church so I can use that as a guide to scale the model.

The 3D scan model is 470K faces, so somewhat dense for what I need. Might try to run a mesh-reducer, but the model itself i split into nine separate pieces from the photoscan. Might have to merge it first.


I can’t find the model, will the link to the 3d warehouse be added here later? My printer is waiting :wink: