Norwegian Stave Church

This is my first architecture project finished 3 weeks ago.

I opened SketchUp for the first time and also right at that moment, I saw a Youtube stream of Heddal Stave Church modelling in SketchUp from Sketchup official channel. (I want to credit the guy who did the modelling as you are the one who carved my SketchUp journey for the first time).
I immediately got attracted because I like the history of architectural styles around the world, and apparently I would choose medieval Norwegian Architecture as my first project’s topic.

It was a long stream, I struggled at first but I finally got used to SketchUp tools and interface quite fast. I watched a quarter of the video and started playing around to finish it all by myself (of course still with the help of references). In the process of working, I explored numerous tools and wondrous plugins, including materials, artificial lighting, assets library, and V-ray renderer.

In short, I managed to finish the Stave Church, as you can see in the image below

I use V-ray 3.6 to render it in Ultra HD. The plants (bushed and trees) are from Chaos assets library. Further editing, especially the background (a free-royalty image from Unsplash), is done in Adobe Photoshop. I don’t know if its realistic enough, but hope you guys like it.

These images below show the process from the very first stage

Thanks for visiting my first ever thread :pray: :pray: