Walsall West Midlands

Hi, I am living in Walsall West Midlands UK and I am searching for any local user group in the West Midlands. I wish to import images into Sketchup, they are the construction drawings from the national archive and are layers for drains, electrical, water, walls and construction walls. I need advise on scaling them to link them together.
Can Anybody help, I can travel to you and I will bring the cakes

Malcolm Russell +447831330763 Russell@MalcolmBRussell.com

I am also in the UK but not near you. What is the advice you need about scaling? I presume the drawings you are using are themselves to scale (though possibly to different ones).

give me a call on 07831330763 and I will show you them. Are you on Messenger?

Hi, new forum member here from just down the road (figuratively speaking) in Wolverhampton … I’m Si.
I’m not entirely understanding the scaling question but if its getting JPEG’s of scaled drawings to scale 1 to 1 you just need to make a reference length line in sketchup which you manually scale against a known dimension in the drawing image :slight_smile:

Hi Simon, Thanks for the reply.
ld drawings from 1953 with cello-tape repairs etc. I have jpg of the drawings and need to get them into sketchup and align them to XYZ axis and use stretch option to fit.
Can you help with tutorial videos you know of or youtube videos etc or I buy beers for a short teachin in the pub. I live in Bloxwich and i can get to Wolves very fast. tel 07831330763
thanks Malcolm

I can email images to show quality etc if you need to see them

  1. Use this plugin to scale:

  2. After you have scaled to the right size use this: