Using Greek letters in SketchUp

This post was prompted by an earlier post that is now closed.
I wanted to use some Greek symbols in part of a SketchUp drawing. While the above post was helpful, it seemed somewhat cumbersome to me. Instead, I created the mapping between the Tahoma and Symbol fonts.

symbol font character map

If you switch from Tahoma font to Symbol font in SketchUp, typing the letter a from the keyboard will produce Greek alpha. For me, the best way to do something in SketchUp is the way that I can remember.

Hi Ben, did you do something other than choose the Symbol font in the Test Style panel in LayOut? Character Map does make it easier to figure out which characters are mapped to which keys.

Since the thread you referenced, I have added couple of fonts intended for use in mechanical drawings that include symbols for diameter, and others.

Dave: My 2nd graphic was stuck to the far right of Symbol character set. I am including it again.

symbol font character map

I created this graphic by first typing the alphabet with Tahoma font and then clicked on the "Change Front" radio button followed by switching from Tahoma to Symbol font. Hmm!! That did not work. The graphic image was still stuck on the far right so I do not know what is wrong with the jpg file.

That’s odd thing with the image. I’ve seen it before but I don’t know what the reason is for it.

I think I understand what you are doing. If you need to use those characters often, you could create a quick cheat sheet in LayOut and then print that out for reference. Then simply change the font to Symbol in LO when you want to use Greek letters.

Quick example

Dave: I think you got the picture. If you right click on the small portion of the image that is visible and select View Image, you can then see the “missing” graphic. The original image had a lot of white space so I cropped it and perhaps that introduced a bug in the image.

Ah… I see. And you did it in SketchUp. I was thinking LayOut. Same idea.