Mixing Fonts within Text and 3D Text Tools

compound miter using follow me.skp (1.0 MB)
I am trying to mix fonts (symbol and tahoma) within the Text and 3D Text tools; see the “reference plane for tilt” scene in the attached SketchUp file. Presently, I had to use separate applications of the Text tools and then align the two results. I am using SketchUp 2020 Pro.


Hey there Ben. The SketchUp text tools don’t allow selection of more than one font so your method of making different 3D text or screen text elements is the way you’d have to go. You could do the labeling in LayOut instead, though.

By the way, your profile says you are using 2017 Make. Might be time for an update. :wink:

Thanks Dave. I hope you recognized the splayed box you helped me with. I am focused on trying to understand the underlying equations behind compound miters so I have not not yet ventured into LayOut. SketchUp has been an invaluable tool for visualizing angles in 3D. If I take too many detours, I never get to my destination. :smile:
I will update my profile.

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Hi Ben. I did recognize it. It is a cool way to get your head around something like this. I do it for various things, too. Sometimes it’s better to have the graphics than a mathematical equation.

In my case, I am using SketchUp to visualize 3D compound miter geometry to aid in the derivation of the equations via trigonometry.

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