Using 2018 PRO , Once I set View --- Toolbars


  1. Once I set Tool Bars by going to View — Toolbar set , after I close the sktechup and reopen sktechup it take default toolbar but not the one which i have set earlier

  2. Every time i use vray light on the model suddenly the sktechup a crashes.


That’s not uncommon if SketchUp hasn’t been installed properly. On Windows machines the only correct way to install SketchUp is to right click on the installer exe and choose Run as administrator while you are logged in as you normally do. Try installing SketchUp correctly and see if this fixes it.

This could be due to incorrect installation of SketchUp so the fix, above, might take care of this. Or it could be a Vray problem. Which version of Vray are you using?


Or perhaps he also needs to [re]install Vray using “Run as administrator” ?


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