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Good morning.
I have a big problem with SketchUp with the VRay plugin.
SketchUp 2018 + VRay 3.06.03
PC: Win 10/Envy GTX 1060/CPU Ryzen 16 Core AMD
With Sketchup just installed all right.
Installing VRay: The toolbars do not paste where I want and the SketchUp panels return to the default position.
I can fix the toolbars and panels only when I turn on the PC, I do nothing. I start Sketchup and fix the toolbars and panels.
I close Sketchup and paste where I want it.
Also the management of the extensions does not work. Example I can not close vray (when working with several heavy models is very convenient to disable VRay).
Do you have any other negative feedback?
Have you found a solution?.
Thank you.

si .

il PC era formattato e ho fatto la prima installazione come amministratore.

il forum di Chaos Group dice che sono a conoscenza di questo problema , ma che dipende da sketchup e di presentare il problema in Trimble. sinceramente questo problema l ho verificato su due miei Computer.

Saro’ un caso unico al mondo da studiare … hahhaahha

good morning.

I installed right-click sketchup and chose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

I also installed Vray with the right button and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

Chaos Group repeats that the problem is Sketchup.

I wanted to know if you were aware of it:

to fix the toolbar I noticed that if I turn on the PC and do not do any operations, I open the sketchup, I place the toolbar

and I customize the sketchup panels, close the program and reopen it, the toolbars maintain the position.

if instead I open sketchup, I use it and during the work I move the toolbar, close the program and reopen it, the toolbar does not maintain the position.

I also tried to save the Template file, but it does not change anything.

maybe you can and do a pach to solve the problem, or solve it with an update of SK2018.

with SK 2017 I had no problem.

I regularly purchase each have the new version of Sketchup. I really hope you solve the problem.

See you soon.


Change the toolbar and make a save and exit SketchUp (Quit)
(Watch the time)
Check the timestamp of the json files:
On Win:
PrivatePreferences.json is saved to C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp

SharedPreferences.json is saved to C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp

Maybe it has to do with write permission for these locations and a very strict antivirus software setting , preventing write actions.

good evening.
I thank you for your suggestions.
I deleted the two files from the NOD32 antivirus scan.
there has been a great improvement.
now the toolbar maintains the position.
the problem that I did not delete is to create a new sketchup panel (example: materials panel) and find it open to the new working session.
I still have to set the panels in the first few seconds of turning on the PC, otherwise I can not change anymore.
now that I can move the toolbar it’s really much better to work.
I noticed that the file “privatepreferences” and “SharedPreferences” change the writing time only when I start sketchup and not at closing (I do not know if this is normal)
however, I noticed that the “SharedPreferences” file has a DAT file near it that updated the writing when the sketchup was closed.
I hope they are useful information for you.
thanks for your patience.

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