Vray can't find SketchUp when installing



I’m using SketchUp 2018 pro and wanted to try out V-ray 3.6 trail.
But when I’m installing Vray it can’t find out, that i have SketchUp 2018 pro.

Hope someone can help me


Have you installed SketchUp by right-clicking on the installer file and choose ’ Run as Administrator’ ?
if not , do it now and when prompted, choose ‘Repair’
Have you started SketchUp 2018 allready and closed it again before installation?
It is best to install V-Ray by right-clicking and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ as well…


There is only one version of SketchUp 2018, Pro.


I know but, i can’t choose it.


If you can not check the squares to the left of the SketchUp variants for which you want to install, then perhaps MikeWayzovski’s advice is to follow. I thought you wanted to show SketchUp Pro 2018 instead of SketchUp 2018.


My bad mihai.s

I got it working now, thanks