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I have a number of Sketchups 22 installed on computers in company domain. All individual licences as Trimble have a terrible sale politic where I live. It is pain to manage them (compare to Microsoft, Autodesk or Adobe licences we use) but the worse is that they randomly sign out and I have to run to specific user in specific location to just type username/password in front of them and it all seems like complete lack of professionalism. It is its pretty random - for example in room of 20 computers 2 or 3 randomly disconnect every week (while others work fine). I suspected users signing-out just to use their personal accounts but confirmed that this is not a case.
Any idea?

If they are subscription licenses they shouldn’t sign out on their own, but what will happen is that after 28 days since the last sign in, that user will need to sign out and sign in again for the subscription to be re-authorized. If you have a lot of users that have different dates since the last sign in, there could be a few with the same problem at the same time.

Anyone who did sign out for some reason, and signed back in again, are more likely to not need you to help them.

One thing to ask, do your users know their own sign in? If they are not allowed to know that, and it’s only an admin that can do the sign in, I can see that it could get tiresome having to go and sign each user out and back in again, even if it’s only every four weeks for each user.

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Is this normal practice? I don’t see this behavior in my other subscription software like AutoCAD. And I don’t say that to say that Autodesk is right and Trimble is wrong. I’m just wondering why the difference? I have wondered why my license signs out every couple of weeks. Now I know.

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Here is AutoCAD’s way of working:

Do I need to connect to the Internet to use AutoCAD?

You don’t need to be online to use AutoCAD on your computer or the AutoCAD mobile app on your mobile device. However, you need to connect to the Internet every 30 days to verify that your subscription is still current. An Internet connection is needed initially to install and activate AutoCAD on desktop and mobile, and if you have cloud services, you need to be online to access cloud-based tools such as the AutoCAD web app.

So, basically the same as for SketchUp. One possible difference is that AutoCAD may be re-authorizing your current computer while you are still signed in, SketchUp only does that as you sign in. I will ask colleagues whether that is something we could change.


Thanks Colin…that’s a very good possibility and would be a great solution if possible. I think it would solve the OP’s issue…and mine as well.


This is very annoying. It would be great if you could make this happen for us @colin ! Thanks for answering the question so at least we know what’s happening…

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Thanks Colin for all your replies.
Just to make my situation clearer - most of Sketchup computers in my company are used by random users. Most of users dont have Trimple account but I know some have and they (for some reason?) prefere to log with their personal account. I identified them and I know which computers they used.
Problem is with the rest of licences as they tend to log-off “automatically” and your pointer 28-days re-authorisation can be right as they tend to log-off in “groups”. It can cause a headache but at least I can try to predict it now.

Unless specifically stated in your contract, the way you are managing your licenses is against our EULA. The extra work you are doing is because this is not how SketchUp is designed to be licensed. All users should be logging in with their individual accounts.

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