Managing Account - Why sign out everywhere?

We have 5 sketchup pro licenses for the office, and probably 6 to 10 different computers we work from, including work from home.

Why can’t we log out of a unique instance to free up a single seat vs “log out everyone”

Adobe etc let you choose which seat to close vs forcing everyone to log out and log back in every time. It feels so antiquated (and don’t get me started on the crashing…)

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I have submitted requests for improvements in the past, and even included Adobe screenshots to show how they do things.

If you sign in and deauthorize all devices, while signed in as you (being Admin), it may deauthorize all of the five subscriptions, I’m not sure!. But, if one of your five users does that it should only deauthorize the two computers they are using. The other 4 users shouldn’t be affected.

Feel free to mention the crashing.

It would only deauthorize the two ‘devices’ of the admin, the other endusers would have to do it themselves.

Appreciate the responses. Would love to not have to navigate through layers and layers of menus etc to do this. I need the team to easily move between machines.

While we’re at it, was there a significant change around 2020? It feels like there are a number of chronic bugs that crept in around that time.

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Just instruct your users to sign out at the end of the day if they are planning to use another device the next time.
(Btw, a ‘device’ is actually a version of SketchUp, so signed in on the same machine in SketchUp 2021 and 2022 counts as two devices)

I always point out to the Rhino licensing system that frees up the license when you close the application. You can then go to another computer, open Rhino and it again reserves the license. No hassle at all. And, like Autocad, it is version agnostic and lets you use old versions without any activating, deactivating etc.
(and the same license can be installed on a single computer, allowing offline use, or you can run a license server of your own)

This is the most absurd part of the licensing system! Why in the name of all beautiful things cannot it bind the activation simply to your device!? Two instances of v.2022= 1 device. Versions 2022 + 2020 running concurrently= 2 devices…


This sounds like the gold standard for license management. Automatic log out / log in and version agnostic. This would save a good amount of staff time and frustration every week.

I could do that, but don’t feel we should have to use manual workarounds for 20+ year old software.
I know the online licensing is much more recent, but I’d like to see better support for professional teams who are using the tool.