Subscription sign in seems indefinite?

Not a technical problem as such. I was under the impression that Sketchup pro subscription needed to be signed in periodically. I haven’t had to sign back in for a few months now, has the length between sign in changed?

No, the time you can be ‘offline’ is still the same, there where some problems a few months ago whith the server.
Each time you start SketchUp, it tries to ping or contact the servers. If it succeeds, it will write some log files on your system and resets the internal counter of 28 days.
Suppose you did not use SketchUp for 35 days, the moment you start it it would ping the servers to see if your plan hasn’t expired (the logfiles also stores which Trimble Id is signed in)

The mentioned server problems caused some logfiles to end up corrupted.
A sign out (and back in) in SketchUp will force to refresh the logfiles in general. Deleting the logfiles will force you to sign in upon starting with SketchUp.

Thanks Mike. I’ll sign out & back in…

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