Use/Install SketchUp on an USB Drive/Licence

Good morning,

i am getting into SketchUp and downloaded the free Version of SketchUp 2017. Since i am alternating between different computers i would like to start it from an USB Drive. In the meantime i installed the application on an USB Drive and was able to start it. The “about” menu indicated that the test phase is valid until December 24th. Today i plugged the USB Drive on a different computer and although i was able to run the application the main screen showed up that the thest phase is expired. Question: Is it possible to install SketchUp on an USB Drive and store the licence on it or is it just an one way street?


It seems you didn’t get the free version of SketchUp 2017 ! Or you started the pro version free trial. Free SketchUp 2017 version is called SketchUp make 2017.
As for the install, you’d better install SketchUp make 2017 on both computer and use your usb drive to transfer your .skp files (your models) from one to another

No. There is no “portable” installation option. You have to install it to every computer that you plan to use it on separately.

I sort of tried to make a portable version about 10 years ago, just to see if it was possible. The main program worked but i had all sorts of problems with preferences and extensions…
So i guess it’s partly possible, but i think @Anssi has the best solution.