Is Sketchup movable to an external drive?

I simply cannot find this answer anywhere…

IS Sketchup moveable to an external disk drive?
A respond would be greatly appreciated!

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I haven’t tried it, but I can’t think of a reason not, provided you have appropriate permissions on everything. SketchUp is no different from other apps in that regard. However, if you are thinking of this as a way to use it on more than one computer, be advised that the licensing system ties to the network adapter on the computer and will only work where it was legitimately installed (the single-user license allows you to install on up to two computers provided you use SketchUp on only one at a time).

Thanks for your response.
From what I have gathered, one license can work on up to two different computers?
I am interesting in moving SketchUp from a stationary computer to a movable laptop in cases that I am on the move.

For what you want, wouldn’t it be simpler to install SketchUp separately on each computer and just keep your model, texture, etc. files on the external drive?

Yes, you can install using the same single-user license on two computers. The license terms include the requirement that you will use only one of them at a time.

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Yes, thats a good option. But wouldn’t keeping SketchUp in an external drive save on the data storage capacity? I like to know what my options are. Thats all.

It would reduce the storage on the system drive by the size of the SketchUp app, which is typically 300MB give or take. With modern drive sizes, that really isn’t much and doesn’t grow with use. If your drive is so full that 300MB will be a problem, you need to do some housecleaning anyway!

The model, texture, etc. data, on the other hand, accumulates with each thing you save, and can grow quite large over time just like a photo or music album.

Before I got my desktop I only had the laptop and an external drive was golden.Like what slb mentioned the application itself is not what will dog you. I got a 1Tbit in 2013 from a pawn shop for $60 and now brand new they only range from $50 to $60. I still have it and I (you) can partition it to fit your needs / libraries. Should you ever have a major issue ALL your work is saved on it…

Ok, this is all great information. From what I have gathered both the application and individual files; models, texture, etc are saveable to an external drive, so, the issue of storage could both be solved by an external disk. I know that external disks do not solve every problem but sometimes its nice with quick fixes and to know that in rough times alternative solutions are possible !

Especially if you have other app`s like Photoshop and are playing with any of the rendering software. I had a 2010 Dell laptop and the combinations filled my hard drive quick. But in another year 2 Tera bits will be obsolete…