Portable Sketchup Make


I would like to carry and use Sketchup Make with me on a USB pen drive. Unfortunately if the Sketchup Make folder is copied to a USB pen drive and I attempt to run it on another computer from there it runs Sketchup PRO instead (which in turn complains it doesn’t have a valid license).

How can I have a portable version of Sketchup Make?


Have you gone to our downloads page and made sure you downloaded the most recent version of Make?



To clarify, there is not a version of SketchUp which will run from a USB device. You must have SketchUp installed on the local computer you’re using, which will then have the necessary paths and registry entries for the software to run. Even the latest version of Make will not meet this need.

In all likelihood this isn’t a feature which we’ll ever address as SketchUp is very resource dependent and jumping from a computer with an integrated, non-accelerated video card to a different computer with a high end video card is going to radically change how the software operates. We need to know all of that stuff up front to offer the best experience.

Need help Installing Make

Yes. Here is what I have done…

  1. Downloaded latest version of Sketchup Make
  2. Installed Sketchup Make
  3. Verified that Sketchup Make runs fine
  4. Copied the Sketchup Folder from C:\Program Files\Sketchup\SketchUp 2015 to a USB pen drive
  5. Run sketchup from the USB pen drive on another computer.

On the last step, Sketchup PRO launches (with an expired/invalid license) instead of Sketchup Make.


Unity3D and Blender work fine from a USB pen drive on different computers regardless of whether or not the computers have integrated video cards or high end video cards. I’m sure these software packages are resource dependent as well.

Still, I understand that if the Sketchup Make software was not designed to detect the environment it operates in at run time (rather than at install time) there’s not much that can be done.


If there were enough interest, there are at least three options to make it portable:
SyMenu from http://www.ugmfree.it

Sometimes it is more important to have access to the program and data files, than only being able to run this program on super fast computers. We understand that by using more than one computer, the performance may not be equal on all machines; I prefer to be able to work, even if it is slow.

I often must work at the customers site. If the license does not allow me to install on any computer (such as Treepad), then having a portable version can determine whether the tool (no matter how good) can be used.




but would check before if the license agreement allows this at all.