Skectchup Make and Pro installation on same PC.?

We have been using Sketchup Pro with educational Licenses, though we face lot of problems due to internet connection which is a RQUIREMNT for licensing. Hence we installed Sketchup Make version to work with after Import/Export is done in Pro version.
But the make version automatically gets converted into Pro version and we are helpless now.
Its very difficult to provide internet to all the users all the time.
Please guide us how to go about it.
It would be always better to have LAN based server license.


SU Make comes with a 30 free trial of Pro. After the 30 days are up, it reverts to the true “Make.” Hope this helps.

A simultaneous install of Make and Pro is probably not possible (perhaps if you have a 64-bit OS you might try installing a 64-bit version of one and a 32-bit version of the other)