Diferences between *licensed* Make vs Pro (2016)?


There are documented differences between a licensed Pro and an unlicensed Make install after the Pro trial period.

However, it is not totally clear whether a user providing a license for Pro to an install of Make (during the included, Pro, trial period), will have any differences between from what they would have with a “true” Pro install (licensed with the same license, of course). Does anyone here know? I’m interested in both functional differences or cosmetic differences.

I’m asking simply to know if I can install Make on computers on which I don’t know if the user will be purchasing a license or not, but are likely (and legally allowed) to use Make.

I tried to ask this question in a different, perhaps confusing way previously and never got a straightforward answer, and I have (disconcertingly) not heard a peep in response to my submission through Trimble’s “contact us” forms.


There isn’t any functional/cosmetic differences in two cases. If any, it would the the welcome screen asking for the license.