Hi from Theo re portable sketchup 2015

Hi every one, not sure if you have figured this out yet, but if you have installed 2015 the last version, if you take the directory and copy it to a USB stick you can take it any where and it will run perfectly , as its all been installed to a single directory. for those who want it to be portable.

Hey now that is useful !

Not everything about SketchUp is kept in one folder. Your extensions, plugins, custom materials, templates, saved components, etc. are kept in user data folders. Most settings are kept in the Windows registry. So, it may run from the USB but it will be an absolutely bare-bones SketchUp.

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Hi Denis many thanks , may be thats the issue
it works from the office only , many thanks appreciate your help
One question i have also is the problem with the 3d library not opening any more
after a windows update with sketchup , is there a windows clash or is it a security issue that prevents it opening with in sketchup any old versions, you can see the 3d library ok in any browser, but just not using sketchup any longer ? its got me beat what the issue is ? regards Theo ps Merry Christmas