Need help. Sketchup failed to open document

I save it on my portable drive since i work between my computer and my laptop
the last time i worked on it was 5 hours ago on my laptop and now it doesn’t open neither on my laptop or computer
could someone take a look at this?

we can’t. you need to authorise the file for everyone.

don’t. :slight_smile:

save it on one computer, THEN copy on the disc THEN copy on the other computer. that way if the disc copy is corrupted, the one on your computer is still fine.

saving straight into a cloud or an external drive is not super safe. saving locally then making copies is.

thank for the reply and advice

i’ve authorized it for anyone with the link to take a look

i hope someone can help me restore this file…

No you haven’t. At least not the link you shared.

Are you actually using SketchUp 2023 Pro during the 30-day trial period? There is no 30-day plan as you put in your forum profile.

omg. just authorized the link

yes. i’m using the sketchup 2023 pro during the 30day trial

Please correct your forum profile. That’s not the “Free Plan”.

I couldn’t open the .skp but I was able to open the .skb after renaming it to .skp. Neither file is very large so you could have shared them directly in a reply in this thread.

I did note a bunch of unused stuff in the file.
Screenshot - 11_20_2023 , 4_48_17 PM

mjsyhs1 purged.skp (352.0 KB)

thanks so much for the help