Urgently required :: Unhide surfaces is not possible?!

Hi guys,

I have hided some surfaces in my model, but when clicking unhide button later on, nothing was unhidden. I just want to make sure they are still there, I checked “hidden geometry” and found the geometry is exist. Please help me to unhide them ASAP.

Appreciating your immediate help and support.

Regards,bb_mobile_project~~.skp (585.7 KB)

Double click your model, Ctrl A to select all, right click and pick unhide.


I already tried this option, but it does not work. Anybody can help to unhide the hidden items you can see the SKP file attached with the message.

Many thanks to all.

Step’s right, just be sure to have hidden geometry shown

bb_mobile_project.skp (587.9 KB)

Use of the Hide command to control visibility while modeling often leads to confusion.
Best to use it sparingly and only in the topmost modeling context. Here’s why.

Edit > Unhide > All … Works only upon entities hidden within the current modeling context.
Edit > Unhide > Last … Works globally just once.
After that, the Unhide command is context sensitive.
Consequently, un-hiding entities hidden within groups requires re-enter their editing context to Unhide.

There’s a handy little plugin that will unhide all your hidden entities in one go.
Unhide All by R. Wilson


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Thank you for your reply…

I really appreciate your great efforts to resolve my problem and attaching the model after unhiding the entities. Wishing you the best. Have a good day.


Greetings, Geo.

Your usual help and support is highly appreciated and the efforts exerted in this forum by you are huge. I feel very interested in every single word you write in your topics. Keep it always on. BTY, can RB. plugin be installed directly as rbz or it can be just dropped in plugin folder (windows/mac).

Sincerely your,

Yes, if you zip it and rename the .zip to .rbz.

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Love your comment, cotty… Outstanding attendance…