Urgent: what is the quickest way of resetting 2FA/MFA?

One of our users’ no longer has access to their mobile device.
They will need to use Sketchup to log in since they enabled 2FA/MFA to this device.

This user is a subscriber on a team account – we have admin access to the license portal.
Is there a way for us to reset this users 2FA?

Otherwise what is the best way of doing this?


Try this, first:

The code is sent to the emailaddress.
Once logged in, try to reset MFA again.

Unless the user also setup a recovery email address, probably best to contact support.

Or, create a new Trimble ID and then assign that a seat.(depending how many stuff is related to the old email)

I don’t see the option - only “A verification code has been sent to your phone number” - and no option here to send to the email address registered with Trimble/Sketchup.