Disable multi-factor authentication

When I click skp file, the browser raises and request me to sign in SketchUp.
The sign in requires me to multi-factor authentication but I don’t remember the code.
How can I disable multi-factor authentication for sign in?

It is helpful if you are a bit more precise:

  • Where do you click an skp file? (a file on the desktop, a file on the Trimble Connect website etc.) Which SketchUp opens? (SketchUp Pro on the desktop, SketchUp for Web etc.)

Multi-factor authentication usually requires multiple factors, of which at most one is something to remember. The second factor does not need to be remembered because it is something you own, or a code generated by another device or authentication app. If you are asked for a verification code, then it is certainly the one generated by your second factor. When you did the set up, you probably were asked to scan a code with an authentication app on your phone. At that moment, a secret was transferred and stored on your phone. Then you were asked to confirm that you completed the setup successfully by entering the verification code generated from that secret on your phone. From that we can conclude that you have an authentication app on your phone, where you can find “Trimble Identity”, tap it and write the verification code into the SketchUp login form.

You can disable multi-factor authentication on Trimble Identity, but for that you need to be able authenticate with two factors. Otherwise you can reset your login and receive an email to your recovery email address if you had it set up (which you should always do).

Once you have disabled it, you will have to sign-in next time with a password, which you will still need to remember.

It is a good idea to use a password manager which will remember for you all your passwords (and is protected by a single password).

Thanks for your reply.
I am trying to explain the situation in detail.

I click an skp file on the desktop.

Then, application of SketchUp Pro 2022 on the desktop opens.
My original account was 2021, but I think I have upgraded accourding to the message from trimble.

When I press “Sign-in” button, web browser opens and it requests me to enter mail address.

Next, password is required.

Finally, verificaion code, which is generated by authentication application, is required.

I do have Google Authenticator on my smart phone, but I don’t remember that I have added the account for SketchUp. So, I can’t get the verification code.

It is appliciated if you will kindly tell me how to recover this situation.


Some people have had the same problem as you are seeing. I think that the only solution for now is to turn off the multi-factor authentication, and rely on only a password. Unfortunately, if you can’t sign in, you can’t turn off that feature.

For the moment, you need to ask support to have the multi factor authentication turned off on your account. Then you will be able to sign in with only your password.

Contact support on this page, and tell them what is going wrong:



it would maybe be good, if the “skip, not yet” option wouldn’t be ‘hidden away’ as the last option below the MFA options but be displayed more prominent… am already dreading that this will lead to lots of locked-out users unnoticedly activating the MFA and requiring support for deactivating.

While looking into the problem I did set one of my sign ins to be multi-factor, to see what I needed to do to get past it each day. I had expected to need to be using Google Authenticator a lot, but it turned out that iOS/macOS already has the option built into it, and when I see the text field to type in the number, I’m also given a one entry menu that says verification code for that email address. I choose that, and I’m signed in, without ever seeing the number.

I’m sure not everyone has it that easy.

It’s good that it Trimble calls it authenticator app, since it’s a standard for which Google Authenticator is only one of many choices. My password manager also offers code generation, but having passwords and verification code in the same factor somehow defeats the purpose :wink: .

I was impressed that Trimble Identity only allowed me to complete set up after I could confirm that my authenticator app was able to generate the code. This prevents failed setups and locked-out users.

Still I’m not sure whether it is good to promote or enforce 2FA so much since many users struggle understanding it, or post-pone the printing of recovery keys and backing up the second factor. One should make sure that users have a recovery email set up (which Trimble Identity did not require me to do!). Otherwise we will get a lot of support issues.

I can’t log in to ANYTHING dealing with Trimble right now because of the way Trimble has implemented 2FA. I lost my authenticator and I can’t even log in to contact support to ask them to remove it because - I need my authenticator. WTF? I emailed support two days ago and have yet to hear anything back. HELP?

I don’t know why support would not have replied, unless you had contacted them by replying to an old email. Those don’t get through.

To start a new case without having to sign in, you can use this form:



And posting on that site results in a “the website is having problems blah blah blah”. Meh.

Update: thanks to everyone who helped out, there is now a ticket in the system to turn off the MFA on my account.

I am a SketchUp Pro subscriber and I am trying to disable multi-factor authentication for accessing my account. I have read the help center page about this: (https://help.trimble.com/s/article/How-do-I-disable-multi-factor-authentication) and still have a problem.

Step 2 of the instructions on the help center page about this issue instruct the user to “Navigate to Profile and then Sign-in & Security.”

After logging in to my profile, I have the following options: My Products, Members, Plan Settings, Billing Information, and Payment History. I have explored all of these pages and do not see anything related to Sign-in & Security, account access, or multi-factor authentication.

Has anyone else had this issue? Were you able to resolve it without a support ticket?

How about the Edit Profile button?

The MFA can be disabled on this page:

How would you sign into that page?

OP was signed in on myaccount.trimble.com, so obviously has access to an authenticator.
Just needs to know where to disable the mfa.

if i disable MFA, i must login again to change.
But I’m in Vietnam and i can receive code once a day :cry: