Log in not possible

I am not able to log in to my Trimble account.
I am asked to give a verification code from Google authenticated, but I was never asked to set it up.

I can´t find anything about what to do, can anyone help me?

I seam to have lost all my work :frowning:

Who do I contact?

This is a direct link to the form where you can tell customer support about the problem:


Have you been able to resolve your problem ? I have the same issue.


ons. 17. aug. 2022 22.41 skrev SORS via SketchUp Forum <notifications@sketchup.discoursemail.com>:

FYI information, I have had this problem corrected by sketchup support. See below email from prosupport@sketchup.com

We have successfully disabled the users multi-factor authentication and they should be able to log back in.

Enabling MFA is optional, if you click Remind Me Later it will skip enabling MFA and log you in normally. It still is not mandatory to your account, but In the future you may be asked again if you’d like to enable MFA or set up a recovery email.

We cannot see what phone number you’re using for MFA, but after clicking on the SMS option you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number.

If you do decide to enable MFA again, you can always disable it in the Account Management Portal. Here are instructions for how to do that.

o view and manage your SketchUp subscriptions, please visit the Trimble Account portal, found here: Trimble | Account Management

Please reply to this email if you need further assistance with this specific issue.

The SketchUp Team at Trimble Inc

For some reason community won’t accept my password

What do you mean when you say “community”?

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