Can't Log In - New phone, No Multi-Factor AUthentication

I have a license for SketchUp Pro 2022 through my work. I tried to log in to my account but wasn’t able to get pass the Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). I recently replaced my old phone which had the authentication app I used (Microsoft Authenticator) and I guess it never transferred over to my new phone.

Any idea how I can either turn off MFA, get a new QR Code to scan, or any other means that’ll allow me get in and use SketchUp?

Thank you

Do you still have the old one?
I would try that first.

If it wasn’t for the Verizon buyback I would probably still have it. Sadly though I don’t have it anymore.

Thanks for chiming in.

I wasn’t using the Microsoft one, but for a different system I needed to go into my account, turn off MFA, then turn it on again. That gave me a fresh QR code to use on my new phone.

To turn off MFA, wouldn’t I need to be able to log into my Trimble SketchUp account? I can’t log in to turn off MFA because I have no MFA to log into my account. Not being sarcastic, just trying to understand.


You’re talking about the Trimble account, I meant the MFA authenticator app. We use OKTA, and so I was able to sign into OKTA without MFA, then in the additional security settings I turned off MFA, and turned it on again.

But, I can see that if you’re only using Trimble ID, and no other security system, you would have problems. For those cases you would need to ask support to make the change, so that sign in without MFA works again.