Trimble/Sketchup MFA/2FA nightmares

We administer about 60 Sketchup users as an IT company for an office.
Recently many users enabled 2FA from the splash screen upon logon - they didn’t see the ‘skip’ option.

There are many instances where the user cannot log onto Sketchup anymore - either the code comes in late, the logon page does not accept it - we try again then "too many attempts’ error.

Another major issue: When a user loses their phone, there is no way to disable 2FA from the admin panel . User cannot work.
Trimble asks to send screenshots of the page, verification from the end-user, etc – it took about 5 days to disable a users’ MFA so they can work.

not happy.
This WILL come up during the Sketchup license renewal meetings.

Reading about problems with logging subscribers, about what you write, thank God for inspiring me that “at the 11th hour” I bought a classic license.

What is a 2FA… MFA?

two factor authentication / multi factor authentication. Unless disabled it requires you to receive a texted code to your phone and re-enter it to prove your identity.